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Divorce Waiting Periods – Michigan and Wisconsin

Both Michigan and Wisconsin have waiting periods for individuals seeking a divorce. Both states calculate the waiting period from the date of filing (date of service in Wisconsin) of the complaint or petition for divorce. This means that the sooner you file for divorce the sooner your divorce may be finalized by the Court. In […]

Michigan Supreme Court Strikes Down Sentencing Guidelines

On July 30, 2015, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Michigan’s sentencing guideline scheme is unconstitutional. The court opined that the guidelines, which mandated prison terms in certain cases, are not binding on judges. Here is a link to a Freep.com article on the case.  Here is a link to the Michigan Supreme Court opinion. Jacob D. […]

Camp, Cottage, or Hunting Property Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): Part One

What is a Limited Liability Company? A Limited Liability Company, or LLC, is a legal entity created under state law with the legal ability to hold, buy, and sell property. The LLC is run by its members or managers appointed by the members. Why would I put my Camp, Cottage, or Hunting Property into an […]