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Camps, Cottages, and Hunting Property

Acquiring A Recreational Property

Buying and selling a recreational property can be more difficult and more complicated than buying a home or office. Problems with legal access, encroachments, zoning and environmental issues are common. Each of these should be dealt with before buying or selling the recreational property.

Succession Planning

Ryan Law provides comprehensive advice on the best method for passing on your camp, cottage, or hunting land to future generations. Many families in this part of the country own recreational properties with a large number of family members or friends. In order to pass these lands to your children or grandchildren without conflict, a detailed succession plan is necessary.

Asset Protection

Camps, cottages, and hunting properties are seldom used year round, leaving the land unoccupied and unsupervised much of the time. Ryan Law can help you protect your property and your wealth with asset protection measures, including setting up holding corporations or limited liability companies.

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